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Enter the names and drinks you’d like on your coasters.

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These personalised drinks coasters feature your friend’s or family’s names, and their favourite drinks. They work for Christmas gifts for the family, for bridesmaid gifts, or for secret santa presents!

This listing is for the ALCOHOLIC coasters. Please see another listing for the NON-ALCOHOLIC coasters here: You can order non-alcoholic drinks on this page too (to save you going back and forth) – I just can’t fit all the pictures onto one product page!

The images show a selection of drinks which are available, including: Cider, Prosecco, Wine (Red, White, or Rosé), Gin & Tonic, Dirty Martini, Margarita, Cocktail, Moscow Mule, Pina Colada, Cosmo, Bloody Mary, Mojito, Spiced Rum, Vodka Cranberry, Whisky & Ginger Ale, Vodka (On The Rocks, With Coke, With a Lemon or Lime Slice, Vodka Sour, or With an Olive), Whisky, Rum & Coke, Shot Of Tequilla, Porn Star Martini, Gin, Sloe Gin, Beer, Negroni.


I am also able to adapt the text on the coasters as needed, so if you want the Gin & Tonic coaster to say ‘Soda Water’ instead that’s fine. Just let me know in the personalisation box what names you need and which alcohol goes with them. If you are choosing a wine coaster then please make sure you tell me which wine image you’d like (red, white or rosé), or I will need to contact you to clarify before printing. I can’t write branded drinks names because of copyright protection. For example, you might type:

Andrea – Cider
Lucy – Prosecco
Sarah – Wine (Rosé)
Melissa – Gin and Tonic
Rebecca – Cocktail

If you can’t fit your list into the space in the personalisation box do send me a message instead. Make sure you double-check your spelling of the names as the coaster will be printed as per your spelling.


There is a choice of Hard Backed or Cork Backed coasters – the Hard Backed Coasters are 9cm Square (3.54″) by 0.3cm (0.12″) deep, the Cork Backed coasters are 9.5cm (3.74″) square by 4mm (0.16″) deep. Both have an MDF core, and rounded corners. The images on the coasters are sublimated on using a special coating and inks and paper, so they are very durable, and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Number Of Coasters

1 Hard Backed, 2 Hard Backed, 3 Hard Backed, 4 Hard Backed, 5 Hard Backed, 6 Hard Backed, 7 Hard Backed, 8 Hard Backed, 9 Hard Backed, 10 Hard Backed, 1 Cork Backed, 2 Cork Backed, 3 Cork Backed, 4 Cork Backed, 5 Cork Backed, 6 Cork Backed, 7 Cork Backed, 8 Cork Backed, 9 Cork Backed, 10 Cork Backed


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