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Book Themed Funny Badges


Write the phrases or colours you’d like. Or just write ‘mixed’ for a variety.

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These Book Themed Badges have a mix of fun phrases to give out a bookish event!


The phrases available are:

1. Go Away I’m Reading
2. I Read Past My Bedtime
3. Book Addict
4. I’m All Booked Up
5. The Book Was Better
6. Readers Gonna Read
7. I’d Rather Be Reading
8. My Best Friends Are Fictional
9. One More Chapter
10. Well Read

Please specify your phrase and colour choices in the ‘Phrases and Colours’ box. For a selection of all of them just write ‘Mixed’.Offering popular women’s necklaces such as pendants, chokers and chain necklace. Shop for jewelry in a variety of metals and gemstones to suit any occasion


The badges measure either 25mm (0.98″) or 38mm (1.49″).

Because of the sharp pin on the back these are unsuitable for very young children.

Size And Quantity

10 Badges 25mm, 25 Badges 25mm, 50 Badges 25mm, 75 Badges 25mm, 100 Badges 25mm, 150 Badges 25mm, 200 Badges 25mm, 10 Badges 38mm, 25 Badges 38mm, 50 Badges 38mm, 75 Badges 38mm, 100 Badges 38mm, 150 Badges 38mm, 200 Badges 38mm


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