Brandy Christmas Ornament


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This ‘My Christmas Spirit Comes From Brandy’ Christmas ornament is a funny gift for someone who loves a glass of brandy. It’s perfect to hang on their tree!

You can choose which ribbon colour you’d like from a choice of red, green, silver, gold, or navy from the ‘ribbon colour’ drop-down menu.


The ornament is 7.6cm in diameter (2.99″), with a 1cm x 1.3cm (0.39 x 0.51″) rectangle at the top where the hole is cut through. The ribbon is 6mm (0.24″) wide, and approx 11cm (4.33″) long from the hole to the knot. The ornament is made from 1mm (0.04″) thick coated aluminium and the image is printed on both sides.

Ribbon Colour

Red, Green, Silver, Gold, Navy


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